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How To Communicate With Your Spouse During Divorce~ 2 min read

Divorce is tough, but effective communication with your spouse can make the divorce process smoother. Here are six tips to help you communicate better during this challenging time:

    When communicating with your spouse, approach the conversation with professionalism and honesty. Be patient and avoid responding out of anger or strong emotions. Before you send an email, take a moment to step away from the computer if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

    Limit your communication to one topic at a time, keeping your messages short, sweet, and to the point. Ensure that your messages are respectful and devoid of profanity, name-calling, or judgmental language. Remember, if you wouldn’t say it to your boss or in front of a crowd, it’s best not to send it.

    Think of your communication with your spouse as a business transaction. Consider how your messages might be perceived in court or by your children. Avoid sending messages that could come back to haunt you later.

    Consider using communication apps like Our Family Wizard, which keep a permanent record of your conversations. Remember that even on these platforms, your messages can be seen by others, so always communicate as if your words are being read by a judge or your children.

    5. Sleep on It Before Sending

    If you’re feeling upset or emotional, it’s best to sleep on your response before sending it. Take time to calm down and revisit your message with a clear mind. Waiting to respond can also help the other person calm down and lead to a more productive conversation.

    6. Schedule Responses When Necessary

    If you feel it’s best to wait before responding, consider scheduling your message to be sent at a later time. This allows you both to cool off and approach the conversation more rationally.

    Effective communication during divorce is a key part of a smoother process and better outcomes for everyone involved. By approaching conversations with professionalism, respect, and compassion, you can navigate this challenging time with grace and dignity. If children are involved, respectful communication is extremely important.

    Click here to download a quick reference guide on communicating via email or text with your co-parent.

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