Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a relatively new approach to revolving child custody issues. Parent Coordinators often function similarly to mediators or arbitrators. We can help draft legally binding agreements when you and your spouse reach an understanding and, if necessary, make binding decisions regarding the children when agreement is elusive.

A Parent Coordinator is an impartial third party, prioritizing the children’s best interests. We have undergone specialized training and certification in managing high-conflict custody cases. Parent Coordination services assist you and your spouse in navigating the parenting plan and enhancing your communication.

What Issues Can Parenting Coordination Help Address?

  • Day-to-Day Decisions: As the Parenting Coordinator, we assist you in resolving day-to-day issues related to parenting, such as scheduling conflicts, extracurricular activities, vacation plans, medical disputes, and phone calls.
  • Ongoing Legal Decisions: In cases where you share legal custody but cannot agree on ongoing legal decisions, we can make necessary determinations, such as medical or mental health treatment.
  • Communication Improvement: Beyond dispute resolution, we can as the Parent Coordinator, teach parents healthier and more productive ways of communicating and problem-solving.
  • Quick Resolution: Parenting Coordination often leads to quicker dispute resolution compared to court proceedings, which can be lengthy and costly.

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