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Jennifer R. Piper
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    St. Louis Family Lawyer

    A family issue can be extremely difficult to litigate, and in many cases have very serious implications. Going through a divorce could turn your entire life upside-down, adversely affect your finances, force you to find a new home, or limit how much time you are able to spend with your children. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate this process on your own. Instead, you can resolve the matter with the help of an experienced St. Louis family lawyer. A family law advisor from our team can help you take the right steps toward achieving the best possible outcome.
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    About Jennifer R. Piper

    Jennifer R. Piper practices in all areas of family law. She received her law degree from Saint Louis University School of Law and graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.A. in political science. She is a member of the Missouri Bar Association.

    Ms. Piper was named a Rising Star, Up and Coming Lawyer for the State of Missouri by Missouri Lawyers Weekly for 2009; a Rising Star, Up and Coming Lawyer for 2010-2015 by Missouri Super Lawyers; for 2021-2022, Ms. Piper is selected as Missouri Super Lawyers and named to The Best Lawyers in America® 2017-2022 in the practice area of Family Law. St Louis Small Business Monthly recognized Family Ally as one of the Best Attorneys in St. Louis for 2020. Ms. Piper recently received a Women’s Justice Award from Missouri Lawyers Weekly in 2019. Ms. Piper served as a member of the 2010 and 2011 inaugural class of Barristers in The Theodore McMillian American Inn of Court, as well as a member and Past President of The St. Louis County Bar Association.

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    An Overview of Family Law

    Family law is primarily concerned with the various legal issues that can come up between family members. A St. Louis family law attorney can represent your interests in court proceedings or negotiations, as well as draft important documents such as divorce settlements, marital agreements, and custody agreements. One of our experienced advocates can help you prepare for your future after the resolution of your family law matter.

    Divorce: Courts in St. Louis use the term “dissolution of marriage” and “divorce” interchangeably. An uncontested marriage dissolution involves two spouses who agree on matters such as child custody, alimony, and division of property. If one spouse disputes any of these issues, the couple’s marriage dissolution may have to go to court and possibly even trial.

    Maintenance: During divorce proceedings, a professional ally from our firm can help you obtain spousal maintenance – also referred to as alimony. The party requesting maintenance must show that they are in need of financial assistance from their former spouse following the breakup of their marriage and that they are unable to provide for their own needs.

    Child Custody & Support: Child custody in St. Louis involves where your child will live on a regular basis as well as how parents will share decision-making authority regarding your child’s welfare. Local courts set forth both physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is determined by the schedule of custody and who the child resides with primarily. Legal custody involves how decisions are made regarding your child. Child support, on the other hand, is calculated based on several important factors, including the custody arrangement, the incomes of both parents, and any special needs the child may have.

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    If you are preparing to dispute child custody, child support, marital assets, or spousal maintenance in court, let one of our team members help. We can help protect your family’s future. Regardless of the nature of your family legal issue, it can be resolved with the help of a St. Louis family lawyer. Contact one of our seasoned advocates to learn more about how you can address your family law issue.
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      Please DO NOT leave confidential details about your case. Clicking submit does not create an attorney client relationship.
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