Strategic Partnerships

Many cases can benefit from the assistance of other professionals who can help determine the value of your property, distinguish separate and marital property, the extent of your debt, and hidden assets, as well as assess any mental illnesses. Let our team help you get through the divorce process. The professionals at Family Ally regularly work with the best in these fields and can help you select the right advocate for your case.

Some situations require experts to determine the value of your property or debt so you can present that evidence to the court. We work with experts we know and trust, who have a track record of testifying in court, and who can assist in obtaining the best result for you.

Family Ally has strategic partnerships with many other professions to help assist you in your time of need. We regularly work with accountants, financial planners, medical providers, mental health providers, mediators, and other experts in their fields to support you and provide the best outcome for you and your family.

We provide access and referrals to:

  • Accountants
  • Financial planners
  • Human resource experts
  • Insurance experts
  • Medical providers (doctors and nurses)
  • Mental health counselors (psychologists and psychiatrists)
  • Mediators
  • Tax preparers
  • Valuation experts (business, compensation, personal property, and real estate)

These resources, along with other experts in their fields, will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for your family.

Our team can assist you with finding the right professional for your situation and ensure that you receive the best services that will work cohesively for your case. Contact an attorney from Family Ally today to learn more about the role that these strategic partnerships can play in the divorce process.