Name Change

Name changes are common during the divorce process. However, that is not the only situation when you may want to legally change your name. You have the right to file to legally change your name through a court proceeding that is independent of a divorce case.

Filing the Petition

The initial step towards your name change involves filing a verified petition in a St. Louis family court. The petition must include various pieces of information, including:

  • Your current name
  • The desired name you wish to adopt
  • The reason for seeking the name change
  • The full legal name and address of your  parents, spouse, and children
  • A history of any prior court-approved name changes
  • Potential impact of the name change on other parties
  • Pending civil actions or judgments against you
  • Affirmation that the name change won’t adversely affect others

Publication Requirement

Once your name change order is secured, the process advances to publication. This requires publishing the order in a local newspaper for three consecutive weeks. Subsequently, you are required to file an “affidavit of publication” with the court that approved the name change.

Parental Consent for a Minor Name Change

In the case of minors, the process for a name change involves an additional layer of complexity. Written consent from both parents is necessary before a minor’s name can be legally changed. Failure to secure parental approval can lead to a contested hearing by the Court. The ultimate decision rests upon the best interest of the child.

Family Ally is an Experienced St. Louis Name Change Attorney

If you are considering a name change, the process could be more complicated than you realize. With the assistance of our experienced legal team, you can obtain the name you desire regardless of your reason for seeking the change. Call Family Ally today to schedule a consultation.