There are children in St. Louis who, due to unfortunate circumstances such as death, mental health issues, incapacity, drug addiction, or incarceration, need a guardian to look after their interests. A court appointed guardianship can provide these children with a safe and nurturing environment.

To initiate guardianship proceedings, a petition must be filed with the Court. This petition must contain essential information, including:

  • Name, age, and address of the child
  • Information concerning the identity of the child’s parents
  • Who currently has custody of the child
  • Name and address of any guardian of the child’s estate
  • The petitioner’s motivation for becoming the child’s guardian

For the Court to grant a petition for guardianship, either the biological parents must consent, or the petitioner must prove that one or both biological custodians are unable, unwilling, or unfit to care for the child. If granted, the guardian assumes full legal authority over the child, including responsibilities for providing food, shelter, clothing, education, and more. Becoming a guardian is a significant undertaking and the legal process can be complex. To meet all the necessary requirements and effectively advocate for the child’s best interests, it is important that you consult with an experienced Guardianship attorney.

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