How to Change Your Name after Divorce~ 2 min read

Many women are awarded their maiden or former name as part of a divorce decree, but how do they actually change it back? It isn’t as easy as you may think. Obtaining a Judgment from the Court is only the first step to changing your name after divorce.

First, obtain a new Social Security card by presenting the Certified Judgment in-person to your local Social Security Administration office. They will send your new card in the mail. 

Second, get a new driver’s license. You will need your new Social Security card, your Judgment, and anything the Department of Revenue may require for obtaining a new ID. They typically mail your new license to you. In Missouri, additional information may be necessary to obtain a new ID.

Third, change your name on your passport. You will have to complete the proper form and mail it to the processing facility with the appropriate fee. You will also need to provide a new photo. Fourth, if you have a TSA pre-check or Global Entry card, you will also need to change your name on those clearances.

Impact on Traveling

You should be careful if you have purchased any flights in your old name before you begin this process, as it is difficult and costly to change a name on airline tickets. Timing can be critical if you have upcoming travel. You do not want to be halfway done with this process and have some IDs with your old name and some with your new name while you are trying to travel.

Updating Certifications

You may also need to change your name on any professional licenses that you have earned while you were married and will need to contact each board to determine what they will need from you. If you have any questions or need additional certified copies of your Judgment, you should consult an experienced advocate from our team who can offer more insight about how to change your name after divorce.

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