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Why is Collaborative Law a Better Choice for Your Family Going through a Divorce?~ 2 min read

When you and your spouse choose the Collaborative law process to resolve your divorce, the focus is on the best interest of your family as a whole. When proceeding with the traditional route of litigation, the focus is on the best interest of the individual. At the end of the litigation process, neither client is completely happy nor satisfied, resulting in a lot of hard feelings. Clients are often angrier at the end of the litigation process than they were at the beginning. Trust that is already broken, is even further destroyed. Through the Collaborative Law process, clients can work to restore broken trust with the Collaborative Law team to assist you. There are both financial and therapeutic trained professionals who will help your family through the process, help your family with your feelings, and how to address your spouse and those feelings. The Collaborative Law team will work to help you build a solid foundation to move forward and focus on your future.

Collaborative Law vs. Traditional Litigation

The traditional litigation approach is designed to pit people against one another. If the matter proceeds to litigation, the only guarantee that an attorney can provide to the client is that they will not be 100% happy. Even what your attorney may consider a major win, the client will not. There will be something that you are unhappy with. There are many moving pieces in family law, and no one gets everything. Even if someone gets most of what they want, they will have spent so much time, effort, and money on the litigation process, of which they could have put toward their retirement or their children’s education, that they often regret it later. Many people that do end up in litigation, usually end up back in court later on Motions to Modify and will certainly have post-trial motions that will go on for months, or even years. The finality, certainty, and control of the Collaborative process is a major benefit to Collaborative Law. Talk to your attorney today about Collaborative Law.

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