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Can You Divorce Your Spouse While Pregnant in Missouri?~ 2 min read

Divorce is a complicated process, especially when there’s a baby on the way. If you’re in Missouri and find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering about your options.  A Missouri law aims to protect children from being “bastardized,” which basically means ensuring they have legal parents. If a child is born outside of marriage, it’s considered a paternity case, even if you know who the father is. But if the child is born during the marriage, it falls under divorce law.

Now, if you’re pregnant and needing to get a divorce, things get a bit tricky. Technically, you can go through the divorce process, from filing your case to settling everything, except for one crucial step—getting the judge’s final approval. This delay might not be a big deal if your case has been pending for a while anyway. However, if you find out you’re pregnant with someone else’s child just before trial, it could cause a significant delay. Typically, this situation is sorted out early in the process, so it doesn’t become a last-minute issue.

Despite what you might hear in the media, getting a divorce while pregnant in Missouri does not mean you’re trapped in an abusive situation or forced to stay married. You can still separate, get temporary orders, and resolve most aspects of your case—it’s just that final signature from the judge that has to wait.

Some might argue for changing the law to handle the paternity issue separately from divorce, but that could create more confusion, more paperwork, and ultimately more hassle and cost. Keeping everything together ensures that both legal matters are addressed efficiently and correctly.

In summary, if you’re pregnant and considering a divorce in Missouri, know that you can navigate the process. While there might be a delay in getting that final stamp of approval, you can still take steps to move forward and protect your interests and those of your future child.

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