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While a divorce decree is legally binding on both parties, it is not necessarily permanent. Some divorce terms can be modified after the dissolution of marriage, especially when there are children involved.

If you feel as though a modification of your divorce order is necessary, you should let a skilled family law attorney help determine whether your circumstances qualify you to make chances. A St. Louis post-divorce lawyer can evaluate the facts of your situation and advise you on the best way to move forward with requesting a modification.

Maintenance is paid from one spouse to the other after the dissolution of their marriage. Modifiable maintenance is common is Missouri. You may need to go back to Court to seek to have maintenance raised, lowered, or terminated, depending on your circumstances. A post-divorce disputes attorney can provide guidance if either party feels that their spousal maintenance order should be terminated or modified.

A divorce decree which involves a child-sharing arrangement is subject to change as the children age. While the court encourages parents to reach agreements on their own about what is in their children’s best interests, a judge would have to approve it. With this in mind, parents can work together to modify a child custody order.

In contested cases, a Motion to Modify Child Custody must be filed with the court. However, it is advisable to seek legal representation before taking this step of the post-divorce dispute process in St. Louis.

Child support is another divorce term that can be modified. After a child support order is issues by a local family court, relevant factors can change, such as the financial circumstances of each respective parent and the needs of the child in question. Similar to custody alterations, if the parents cannot mutually agree to modify child support, the court would be forced to make the final determination in the children’s best interests.

If you are seeking a modification of your original divorce terms, it may be challenging to file the proper paperwork through the correct court without the professional help and guidance of an experienced legal advocate.

Family law matters like the modification of spousal support, child custody, and child support are of enormous importance and can impact your family’s future. It is not wise to engage the family law legal process alone when there is so much at stake. A skilled St. Louis post-divorce disputes lawyer from our team can provide the assistance you need to effectively testify that your circumstances warrant a modification. We will explain your options, and if you decide to move forward, we can take the next steps on your behalf. Give us a call today to set up a consultation with a professional.

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