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Missouri state law allows modifications to be made to existing child support arrangements in certain circumstances. If you are seeking to modify your current child support arrangement or your former spouse is requesting a modification and you wish to contest it, it is wise to consult with a seasoned family law attorney. A St. Louis child support modification lawyer can review the details of your case and explain what the next steps may entail.

Certain requirements must be met in order to modify child support arrangements. While either parent may file for a modification, adjustments can only be made to a child support order if a substantial and continuous change in either party’s or your child’s circumstances has occurred to make the terms unreasonable.

For example, if one parent becomes disabled or loses their job  and is suddenly unable to meet their child support obligations, they could request a modification with a legal advocate’s help. However, it is important to note that the order remains in effect until a modification is made, and failure to meet the provisions of that order could result in strict legal sanctions ranging from garnishments, wage with-holdings, license suspensions, asset seizure to imprisonment.

On the other hand, if you are in need of an increase in child support, you can also request a modification. In a proceeding for modification of any child support or maintenance judgment, the court, in determining whether or not a substantial change in circumstances has occurred, shall consider all financial resources of both parties, including the extent to which the reasonable expenses of either party are, or should be, shared by a spouse or other person with whom he or she cohabits, and the earning capacity of a party who is not employed.

When reviewing a request for a child support modification, a local family court may consider several factors before reaching a final adjudication. Factors that could warrant a modification include changes in the economic needs of the child or children, a change in employment of either parent, when one parent moves, or if one parent remarries. The court may also consider the existing custody order when making a determination on a child support modification request. Unless a child support arrangement is changed by the court, its provisions would remain in effect until the child or children reach the age of 18 or 21 if the child attends college and meets the requirements of receiving support while attending secondary education. 

Making legally binding changes to a child support order can have a substantial impact on your family’s future. If you need professional assistance with filing a petition for child support modification or responding to a request submitted by your former spouse, it is important to speak with a local legal advocate. A St. Louis child support modification lawyer can help ensure that you know your legal options and aggressively represent your interests throughout your case. Call our team today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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