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While child custody orders are final once entered by a St. Louis family law court, specific changes in one or both parent’s circumstances could serve as a basis for a modification of your custody order. It is crucial to consult with a dedicated family law attorney if you are interested in filing a request for a child custody modification. A knowledgeable St. Louis child custody modification lawyer can advise you on your available legal options and promote the best interests of your child or children.

While some child custody disputes involve issues such as where the child will live when a parent wishes to move out of state, other modifications concern which parent the child will be with on any given day or can address legal custody of the child. Furthermore, the court must always find that the child would be in the child’s best interest. 

When a proposed modification is uncontested, while the parties still must file a motion to modify, both parties may submit their request to the judge for review without a hearing. Depending on nature of the requested change, the judge may agree to the modification and not require that a hearing be held. On the other hand, when the parents are not in agreement regarding the modification of child custody, the requesting party would be required to supply evidence and have the burden of proof. Both parties may present pertinent information to support their respective claims. An attorney in St. Louis could help a parent file a motion to modify child custody, submit the required paperwork, and represent their interests before the judge if a hearing takes place.

Whether one party requests a modification to their child custody arrangement due to either parent’s relocation or remarriage, a considerable shift in the needs of the child, or another reason, there will be several key issues that must be addressed before the tribunal. While the presiding judge will take many factors into consideration when deciding on an appropriate child-sharing arrangement, the court’s ultimate goal is to uphold the child’s interests and protect their well-being.

For instance, the court may consider which parent the child would prefer to reside with and whether one parent is more likely to ensure the child maintains ongoing communication and contact with the other. The court could also examine the child’s relationships with both parents and other influential members of their immediate family. The desires of the parents regarding the final custodial arrangement would also be considered, but they would not outweigh the child’s best interests.

If you require assistance with responding to or submitting a motion to modify child custody, a family attorney from our team can help. A St. Louis child custody modification lawyer who is familiar with the complex legal issues involved in this process can provide continuous support throughout your case and guide you to reaching a favorable outcome which meets your family’s needs. Call today to set up your consultation with a St. Louis child custody attorney.

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