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When children are injured or become ill, their parents or legal guardians have the right to make decisions regarding their medical care. In some cases, permission from a parent or legal guardian is necessary before a doctor can pursue certain treatment options.

This situation can become complicated when the child is not currently in the care of a parent or guardian. If the child’s caretaker is not their legal guardian, they may lack the right to make these decisions, which could lead to a delay in treatment that could prove harmful to the child. A temporary delegation to an attorney in fact is a legal document that temporarily grants someone the power to make decisions regarding a child’s healthcare. These can be as short as a few days or few weeks to allow parents to take a vacation or can be longer to allow a caretaker to assist a parent in caring for a child. In Missouri, a delegation to an attorney in fact regarding the care and custody of a child can last up to one year and may be renewed each year.

Let a St. Louis temporary child power of attorney lawyer advise you of your options. The well-versed family ally at our firm can offer more insight on the scope and reach of these documents.

What is a Temporary Child Power of Attorney?

A child power of attorney allows an individual—referred to as the attorney-in-fact—to act on another person’s behalf when they are incapacitated. This option is useful for adults and children alike and provides an opportunity to place important decisions in the hands of a trusted individual. Any person over the age of 18 or any legal entity could serve as an attorney-in-fact.

There are specific technical requirements that go into creating a child temporary power of attorney. A St. Louis legal advocate could help you meet the necessary requirements to create a valid child temporary power of attorney.

This document must be signed by the creator in the presence of a notary. The powers granted by these documents could be broad, or they could be very specific. The attorney-in-fact is bound to remain within the scope of the temporary child power of attorney, however.

Temporary Child Powers of Attorney and Your Children

Few people consider the possibility of legal conflicts when they leave their children in the care of a family member or short-term guardian. However, significant problems can arise in an emergency if the parents of a minor child are nowhere to be found. The caretaker for the child could find themselves without the ability to make important decisions about the child’s emergency medical care, potentially placing the child at great risk of harm.

The most common scenario when this could arise is when parents take a vacation and leave their minor child in the care of another adult. If the child becomes injured or ill, the caretaker would lack the authority to make important decisions regarding their care. This situation could also arise when a child is left in the care of another adult for longer periods.

A temporary child power of attorney could grant temporary power to the caretaker to make necessary healthcare decisions should an emergency arise. A St. Louis lawyer can offer insight on when a temporary child power of attorney could benefit a minor child.

Call a Temporary Child Power of Attorney Lawyer Serving St. Louis Today

A temporary child power of attorney could be a useful option when it comes to protecting your child in your absence. Whether you are traveling for a short period of time or your child is staying with a family member for an extended period, a temporary child power of attorney might be in their best interest.

Work with a St. Louis temporary child power of attorney lawyer to review your options. Call right away for a confidential consultation.

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