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Making Changes: Modifying Child Support~ 2 min read

As life progresses, so do our circumstances, and sometimes these changes require modifications to child support agreements. Whether it’s due to changes in income, adjustments in custody arrangements, or other unforeseen circumstances, modifying child support can become a necessary task. In this blog post, we will provide steps to help you navigate the process.

  • Filing a Motion: A modification of child support involves filing a motion with the Court.  This can also be done by consent after you have come to an agreement with your co-parent through discussions, mediation, or the collaborative process.  If you are not able to come to an agreement prior to filing, you can file the motion and the Court will make the determination. 
  • Establish Change: In order to modify child support, you must show a changed circumstance so substantial and continuing as to make the terms unreasonable.  In determining whether there is a substantial change that has occurred, the Court will consider the financial resources and expenses of both parties. 
  • Show a 20% Change: If the Form 14 would result in a change of child support from the existing amount by 20% or more, prima facie showing has been made of a change of circumstances so substantial and continuing.  This may apply to your case if your original order did not deviate from the Form 14 guidelines. 
  • Examine Financial Circumstances: If the original order found the form 14 to be unjust and inappropriate, the paying party must prove a financial inability to pay, while the receiving party must show an increased need.
  • Mediation and collaborative law offer more amicable solutions to handle modifications for you and your family. Many parenting plans advocate or even require using these methods before resorting to legal avenues.

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