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St Louis Relocation Lawyer

In St. Louis, when a parent wishes to relocate or move the residence of a child, regardless of how close or how far they wish to move, they must provide written notice to the other parent by certified mail at least 60 days in advance of the proposed relocation. After receiving the notice, the other parent has 30 days to file an objection to the relocation with the Court.

This deadline is very important if you wish to object to the relocation. If no objection is filed, the parent may relocate with the child. When a parent files an objection to the relocation of a child in St. Louis, the Court will treat the request as a Motion to Modify. For help with understanding this complex process, it is best to work with a seasoned and compassionate St. Louis relocation lawyer from our team. An experienced family attorney in St Louis can help guide you through the legal process and ensure that you know what to expect at each step of the relocation process.

Relocating in Good Faith

The party seeking to relocate shall have the burden of proving that the proposed relocation is made in good faith and is in the best interest of the child. To be in good faith, the parent must show that they are not trying to move to hinder the other parent’s relationship or that they are moving for a good reason. The Court will consider many reasons for the move, including job loss, job transfer, new job opportunity, purchasing a home, the school district, and the distance from the current location and other parent.

It may be possible to achieve an agreement to relocate, but more than likely assertive action in court is necessary to protect a parent’s rights when seeking to move or to fight the relocation of a child. Hiring a well-versed and diligent St. Louis relocation attorney with extensive experience in child relocation cases is important to protect your and your family’s rights.

Benefits of Retaining Legal Counsel

Our family allies have successfully represented parents wanting to relocate with children and non-custodial parents who oppose a child moving following a divorce. We also represent parents in appeals of post-divorce relocation decisions after the Court has granted or denied the relocation request.

When it comes to matters of child custody and child visitation, the court follows a straightforward principle — the “best interest of the child.” That “best interest,” though, is not always what one parent thinks it is or should be. With arguments grounded in the facts and law however, it may be possible to persuade the Court to your point of view.

Call a St. Louis Relocation Attorney Today

It can take many months or even years to have your relocation case heard by the Court. For this reason, it is important to have a skilled St. Louis relocation lawyer on your side during this process to assist you in deciding what is best for you and your family and for protecting your rights. If you are considering moving or have already sent your relocation notice, contact our dedicated team to discuss the details of your case today.

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