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St. Louis Name Change Lawyer

Name changes are common during the divorce process. However, that is not the only situation where you may want to legally change your name. You have the right to file to legally change your name through a court proceeding that is independent of a divorce case.

While you have the right to seek a name change, your efforts are not guaranteed to be successful. There are requirements that you must meet to have your name changed, and judges have broad discretion to deny these requests. A St. Louis name change lawyer can help you secure the new name you desire. Let a local family law ally help maximize your chances of success.

Filing the Petition

The first step in the name change process involves filing a verified petition with a local family court. A person seeking a name change must file this petition in the circuit court within the county where they reside. A name change attorney in St. Louis can prepare the petition and assist with filing it.

The petition must include various pieces of information, including:

  • Your current name
  • The name you wish to adopt
  • Your reason for seeking the name change
  • Details about your parents, spouse, and children
  • A complete history of any previous name changes by the court, including what court granted that change
  • Whether a name change will impact any other parties
  • Any civil actions currently pending or judgments outstanding against you

You must also swear that changing your name will not be detrimental to someone else.

Publication Requirements

Once you have secured your order of name change, the next step is to publish the order. This involves publishing the order in a newspaper for three consecutive weeks in the county where the petition for the name change was granted.

Once publication has been completed, you must inform the court by filing an “affidavit of publication” in the circuit court that granted the name change.

Parental Consent for a Minor Name Change

While adults have the right to seek a name change on their own, the same is not true for minors. Before a minor can have their name legally changed, they must receive written approval from both parents, or the matter will be set for a contested hearing by the Court. The Court can approve or deny the request based on the best interest of the child. A St. Louis family advisor can help with the name change process for minors and adults alike.

Call a St. Louis Name Change Attorney Today

If you are considering a name change, the process could be more complicated than you realize. With the help of an attorney, you can obtain the name you want regardless of your reason for seeking the change.

Let a St. Louis name change lawyer guide you through this process. Call as soon as possible for a private consultation.

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