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St. Louis Separation Agreements Lawyer

In cases where the two parties cannot agree on how their futures should look, a court may decide their contested issues on their behalf. Fortunately, you may enter into a separation agreement to avoid costly divorce litigation.

A St. Louis separation agreements lawyer can assistance you with measuring your assets, determining alimony pay, dividing your debt, and drafting a legally valid contract. Speaking with a qualified legal ally from our team can make a substantial difference in protecting your future from a potential divorce.

Avoiding Marriage Dissolution

All divorces represent a legal and financial separation of two people. Family courts in St. Louis must always oversee this process and have great discretion if the parties cannot agree on their contested issues. However, if you and your partner are able to agree on how your separation should look after deciding that the divorce must occur, presenting the Court with a valid agreement can significantly simplify the process.

A legally valid separation contract indicates that both members of a couple have come to terms with how their futures should look post-divorce. These agreements can include provisions on many matters that a judge must consider when approving a divorce. For example, Missouri Revised Statute §452.330 grants family courts the power to divide marital property as they see fit. A binding agreement might also include terms on:

  • The assignment of debts
  • Control over a shared business
  • The assignment of real estate
  • Whether one party will receive alimony

A St. Louis attorney can help explain the role that a separation agreement can play in the divorce process.

Unmarried Couples and Separation Contracts

Not only married couples have legal and financial bonds. If two people live together in a shared home, have a shared bank account, or run a business together, the end of their relationship can create many legal issues. In these situations, it may be necessary for these two people to enter into a separation agreement as a form of civil contract.

Family law courts do not need to approve a civil contract for unmarried parties going through a separation, unless the two parties share a child. If either party alleges that a breach of contract terms has occurred at a later date, they can ask a St. Louis lawyer for help with enforcing the agreement in court.

Call a St. Louis Separation Agreements Attorney Today

Family law judges have the jurisdiction to make decisions that can leave two people feeling resentment and uncertainty.

Entering into a separation agreement is one way to maintain control over an unpredictable situation. These contracts can serve as settlements to divorce cases where the parties come to a mutual understanding of their legal and financial rights as well as help non-married couples separate and move forward with their lives. Reach out to a St. Louis separation agreements lawyer today to take this important step in moving on.

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