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St. Louis Postnup Agreements Lawyer

While most couples assume that a marital agreement is something that they need to create before getting married, local courts will accept and incorporate any spousal contract which the two parties enter into willingly at any time. This means it is possible for you and your partner to sign a postnuptial agreement after you get married to define what will happen with your marital assets in case of a future divorce.

A St. Louis postnup agreements lawyer can help you understand the role that a post-marital contract can play in maintaining a healthy marriage. Additionally, while entering into a marital agreement never guarantees the end of a marriage, having a postnup in place can work to shorten and simplify a future divorce case.

Why Enter a Postnup?

Many aspects of a marriage can change over time. For example, income, assets, businesses, and properties may be subject to division during divorce litigation. The laws in St. Louis state that any property and debts that a couple acquires during their marriage would be considered marital property and subject to division upon divorce or separation. Entering into a postnup agreement is an effective way of maintaining control over this otherwise tumultuous process.

A postnup can also help couples take stock over the material aspects of their marriage. When you understand how a divorce could affect your finances, it can help you make improvements that may ultimately help avoid marriage dissolution. A St. Louis postnuptial contracts attorney can explain why entering into a postnup agreement can help secure a more stable future.

Impact on Divorce

The primary function of a postnup agreement is to convince a Court that a divorce decree should take a specific form, protecting your assets or protecting you from your spouse’s debts. Missouri Revised Statutes §452.330 grants family courts the power to divide marital property as they see fit. This is a difficult process to predict, and many couples cannot come to an agreement on these matters during litigation. A valid postnuptial agreement can override the Court’s ability to make these decisions on the spouses’ behalf.

If one party introduces a postnuptial agreement with their initial divorce request, the Court will rule on the validity of that contract. If the judge accepts the agreement, it may help end the divorce process faster and with less expense.

However, if the couple shares children, the Court must make proper accommodations that fit the best interests of the kids. Nevertheless, entering into a postnup agreement can help create a more predictable divorce in terms of asset allocation and spousal maintenance.

Get in Touch with a St. Louis Postnup Agreements Attorney Today

While it may not be pleasant to imagine that your marriage could end in divorce, it is advisable to think about how that could affect your future. Family courts have significant power to distribute assets and order the payment of alimony. Many times, these decisions are outside the control of divorcing couples.

Fortunately, a valid postnuptial agreement can help you maintain control over your future in case of divorce or separation. A St. Louis postnup agreements lawyer can help you draft a legally binding document that holds power in court and which accurately reflects your wishes. Call our office today to discuss your options with a professional legal advocate.

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