Prenups and Valentine's

It’s Valentine’s Day and I Got Engaged: Do We Need a Prenup?~ 2 min read

You’ve just marked a memorable Valentine’s Day by getting engaged. Amid the joy and excitement, a more practical question may arise: Is a prenup necessary? The answer is a resounding yes. A prenuptial agreement is not about planning for a divorce. In many ways, it is premarital counseling. Much of the conversations when developing a prenup are around future children, how you plan to pay the bills, how you feel about debt, or how you plan to share, spend, or save money. Understanding feelings about these issues can save a lot of heartache later in your marriage. 

Getting married is not just a romantic endeavor; it is a substantial legal decision. Having a prenuptial agreement is especially prudent if there are assets and debts involved. Contrary to popular belief, a prenuptial agreement is not exclusively for the affluent. Seeking legal counsel before exchanging vows is a smart move, ensuring you both understand your rights and the intricacies of property ownership.

Prenups initiate crucial discussions beyond financial matters. From maintenance and debts to bills and the decision to have children – these topics often go undiscussed, leading to surprises and disappointment later on. Even if the prenuptial agreement doesn’t materialize, the conversations it sparks can lay the foundation for a more robust and resilient marriage.

Choosing a collaborative approach to the prenup process can yield substantial benefits. The collaborative process for a prenuptial agreement creates an environment where you are on the same team as opposed to an adversarial prenup process that can create hard feelings and suspicions. Involving you and your legal representatives in discussions can be transformative for your marriage.

When it comes to timing, the advice is clear – the earlier, the better. Initiating the prenup process with less than two months until the wedding is discouraged. The minimum time frame for the process should be at least 3 months from the big day. This strategic approach minimizes emotional turmoil and increases the likelihood of creating a prenuptial agreement that will stand the test of time.

While discussing a prenup may not be the most romantic aspect of an engagement, it is an important step in establishing a robust foundation for your shared life. Congratulations once again on your engagement and may your journey into marriage be as well-prepared and harmonious as possible!

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