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St Louis Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is also referred to as the dissolution of a marriage and can be an extremely difficult process. When a couple divorces, the parties must address several important issues, such as how their assets will be divided, whether one of them will receive spousal support or maintenance, child custody, and child support. Dissolving a marriage can either be a long, costly process, or it can be resolved in a matter of months, depending on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the parties to work out their issues with one another.

If you are considering filing for divorce or have received notice that your spouse has started the marriage dissolution process, contact a steadfast family law ally as soon as possible. Retaining a qualified St. Louis divorce lawyer from our team could be substantially beneficial in navigating this complex transition period.

Preparing for a Marriage Dissolution

There are many issues that a skilled St. Louis divorce attorney and their client may have to address before or during litigation. One issue that commonly arises in divorce cases is the division of a couple’s marital property.

A divorcing couple may negotiate outside of court how they want their assets divided with the help of one of our advisors. Otherwise, a judge may have to intervene and distribute property for them, in which case the marital assets would be divided fairly but not always 50/50 between both parties.

Some of the most difficult cases to litigate are those involving one or more minor children. Similar to the division of marital property, child custody can either be worked out independently by divorcing parents or determined by a family law judge during the dissolution of the parties’ marriage.

Maintenance, also referred to as spousal support or alimony, can be awarded to one spouse in divorce proceedings if they are able to show they will require financial assistance after the marriage is over.

Benefits of Working with an Advisor

Not every divorce has to involve a long and costly legal battle. A divorcing couple can meet with one of our knowledgeable St. Louis advocates and work toward an amicable marriage dissolution.

Spouses who can agree on all of their marital issues may file for an uncontested divorce, which can be finalized in just a few months. In addition to taking less time and being less expensive than a contested divorce, an amicable marriage dissolution is considerably less stressful for the spouses and easier on their children, if they have any.

Get in Touch with a St. Louis Divorce Attorney Today

There are many ways that an experienced advisor from our team can help make the dissolution of your marriage easier. The process involved with getting a divorce can be lengthy and costly, but we can help you work out a strategy with the opposing party so you can avoid legal roadblocks in the future. You should consider reaching out to a St. Louis divorce lawyer today to begin exploring your options for dissolving a marriage.

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